bd agro biogasanlage 5 mwel megaferm   MegaFerm systems have been deployed with great success throughout the world since 2004. These systems are rated at 500 kWel to 5 MWel and above, and are used by agricultural and industrial customers. Thanks to their innovative central agitation technology, a wide range of substrates can be converted into electrical and thermal energy. Gas can of course be fed directly into natural gas and microgas networks. MegaFerm systems have excellent inherent insulation and can be used both in regions with extremely high ambient temperatures, and in sub-zero climates.

Other benefits include:

  • MegaFerm – tried and tested worldwide
  • MegaFerm – very low inherent energy consumption
  • MegaFerm – able to operate in high and low ambient temperatures
  • MegaFerm – mesophilic and thermophilic processes
  • MegaFerm – maximum dry mass intake
  • MegaFerm – immune to faults
  • MegaFerm – for renewable resources and organic waste products
  • MegaFerm – ideal for bio-natural gas processing